Michael Galenes, host of WeTV's Little Miss Perfect, shared his thoughts about beauty pageants in an interview with the Windy City Times:
WCT: Have you ever witnessed a parent going too far?
MG: Well, it's funny because the little girls with whom I work with move on. Winning a pageant is not the end all but the means to an end. They perform on Little Miss Perfect so they can perform in real life as a doctor or a lawyer or [ a Native American ] chief.
If a mother goes overboard she is just doing that because she loves her own daughter. If every son or daughter have that kind of unconditional love for their parent, what an amazing world that would be! They are producing confident, articulate ladies who are ready for anything.

WCT: What do you look for in a pageant contestant?
MG: In a pageant like Little Miss Perfect we are scoring [ such items as ] did she have articulation on stage, was she able to impress the judges, was she genuinely having fun, did we want to see more of her when she exited the stage, did she have that —it— factor?
So if they have overspent on a dress I don't think it necessarily helps to win a title. We look for other things.